Stop Being an Apologist for God

We’ve all been given the message at some point in time about fearing God. Some take it to heart to the point of coming up with excuses or justification for pain experienced in this world. Some are deathly afraid to offend God by disagreeing with the way he made the world and its people. They really feel the lightning will strike. When something awful happens, people always say “God will make it better”. Well, why didn’t he prevent it in the first place? If a God is truly omnipotent, the devil becomes irrelevant. A God has the option to create a world in which people are free of suffering. What possible reason could there be for children being molested in this life? You could talk about past lives all you want, but why can’t a God just end it. Maybe it’s up to us as humans to change things, but progress is so brutally slow. Racism should be something that a person should easily give up by consciously deciding not to be racist, but we all know it’s not that simple. God won’t make it that simple, but he could, if he were omnipotent, as most idiots claim. Here’s an another moronic explanation for pain in the world: One can’t experience the joys of life without the contrasting pain. But why does it have to be that way. Can’t a God create a humanity that experiences constant bliss and one that doesn’t experience boredom because of the lack of drama? I just don’t see what’s so sacred about a Creator just toying with people. How can anyone not think a Creator is sadistic. The evidence is right in front of your face and you can’t refute it. Let it be known that you and I have a problem with that. Are you able to stand up to God and air out your grievances?

Let’s Live with Integrity

Do you ever realize how much your own integrity is severely compromised by your own fear of death? You let illegal activities continue at your workplace because it’s not your problem. You know it’s wrong, but a whistleblower will lose his job. How’s he going to continue to house and feed him and his family? Let the corruption continue. That’s how.  A woman in the military gets raped by her commander. She can either keep her mouth shut and ‘maintain the peace’ or report it and risk being discharged permanently and receiving death threats. Let’s say you live in an oppressive country that forces you to practice its own proposed faith that you don’t believe in. Do you choose to resign yourself to adhering to this country’s beliefs or do you risk being executed by promoting the freedom to choose your own religion? Let’s face it. If you believe in what’s right and an army of primitive apes disagree with you, you’re going to have to face the possibility of death to maintain your integrity and live your truth. Many have done so in the past. Show everyone that they don’t have to cower in fear either and you will start to establish your own sophisticated army. I also hope you start to get the sense of how the formation of large groups can be harmful. It’s important to have a world of individuals with their own reasoning powers rather than large cults using intimidation to keep individual members docile and obedient. Cowards like to band together to demonize one individual. Be an individual, be fearless, and fight for what you believe. If you die, it won’t hurt, because you’ll already be dead.

The Real You

I will let you be who you want to be in front of me as long as you’re being honest. You don’t have to perform for me, impress me, or win my approval. You don’t have to be a gracious host. You don’t have to feed me. You don’t have to make sure your place is clean, your clothes are in season, and your smile is maintained. You don’t have to entertain me. You don’t have to use tact, grammar, or societal etiquette for that matter. You don’t have to fill every waking second with content and noise. I’ll know that you’re still alive and well if you don’t. You don’t need to have an amazing job, higher education, or a good family. I don’t need to know that you are keeping yourself active and busy for you to have worth. If you want to complain, go ahead and do it. If you have a problem, share it. If you did nothing exciting over the weekend, I think that’s fucking refreshing! Tell me about that!


I will exchange sex for money.

I will exchange sex for attention.

I will exchange sex for a relationship.

I will exchange sex for a house and car.

I will exchange sex to get pregnant.

I will exchange sex for sex.

I will exchange sex for your commitment.

I will exchange sex for your fidelity.

I will exchange sex for your love.

I will exchange sex for something in return.

You’re all opportunistic whores. Stop judging each other.

There is truly only one religion

Do you know what religion is the only religion that exists? That religion doesn’t have a name. That religion includes all human beings and all of existence. It doesn’t exclude anyone or anything. When you see that crackhead on the street corner, you better recognize that he is the equivalent to Jesus, Muhammad, and Buddha, or you’ll continue to pay the price for viewing him in a different light. All these deities aren’t above you or below you. Neither is anyone else that exists in the world. You are all equal. Until you see each other that way, you will pay the price for it. What makes you sure that your religious affiliation is the correct one? Being born into it makes you adamant? Do you not see that if you were raised in another household being taught a different religion, that you might believe in that religion?  Do you not see a pattern of humans believing in the religion that was handed down to them as they were raised? You are the epitome of a brainwashed product. God didn’t give you one set of rules. A human being gave you one set of rules. God created multiple sets of rules through several human beings. You and everyone else are a part of that process. You are all creators. You get to decide. You’re not powerless. If you choose to be, there is no shortage of those who will gladly take advantage of that. Enjoy life!

Avoiding those that are different

I’m talking to you. The person that chooses to associate with those who you feel embody what you want to become. You avoid those that represent the part of you that you hate. The part of you that you want to change. I’ve got a news flash for you, you worthless piece of shit. It’s not going to happen until you accept and forgive that part of you that wants to change. You are not going to avoid those that represent the part of you that you hate about yourself. You are going to understand where they are coming from, because you are that yourself. Stop running from yourself. You are a representation of everyone else. If you want to be freed from what you hate about yourself and others, you have to forgive that in others and yourself. You want to be like your hero? It’s not going to happen if you continue to hate those that are not that. Do you wonder why God gives you grief when you experience others being ignorant or acting like jackasses. That is not an accident. In some form or another, you feel friction from their behavior, because you used to act that way in one way or another. Once you come to an understanding and an acceptance, then you will be freed from that distress. You won’t condone that action or mindset, yet you will not be tormented by witnessing the ignorance of others.Don’t be that person that’s appearing to be normal. That one that hides among those that he envies and avoids the ones that remind him of his poor self. Don’t be that fake narcissistic fucking loser!

Why Are Overly Optimistic People So Annoying?

I am not trying to make a biased argument of pessimism over optimism. A self-loathing and defeatist attitude in massive quantities can be just as annoying as a smile-plastered, falsely sincere walking pile of sunshine. The problem obviously lies in the imbalance of adopting each extreme side of the spectrum. We are doing ourselves a disservice when we always view every issue as two sides waging war and staunchly cling to one side. If you’re a pessimist to the extreme, you may think that you have the realistic view of life, but it’s not even close to a complete picture of what’s really going on. You have a keen ability to point out the problems, but you may fail to see the advantages in each situation.

The problem with overly optimistic people is that they either deny the negative, fail to see the negative, or are avoiding the negative. Also, it’s not the optimism itself that irritates people. It’s the fact that most can sense that the optimism is of a contrived or compensatory nature. If they’re masking their pain, you get the sense that you’re receiving their perky facades and not their genuine selves. When people consider the consistent frequency of how bubbly a certain person is, they might get the impression that they’ll never be able to bring up anything personal or serious to them. Their avoidance of all things negative will not allow them to resolve certain interpersonal issues. They either avoid it all together or patch it up with a temporary fix in order to get back on that cloud as soon as possible. A practical problem with the pathologically optimistic is that they are unable to progress if they can’t find fault in anything. Slavery would have still existed if the optimists explained how great these slaves had it with the food and shelter they were provided. Why can’t they just be satisfied being able to live and breathe??!! There’s a purpose to noticing flaws, and you shouldn’t ignore that. Another glaring issue with excessive optimism is their disdain and disregard for people who they consider to be “downers”. They see a person who is visibly struggling right in front of their face, and the noble choice they make is to ignore them to preserve their own fragile sense of well-being. This tells you that they’re afraid of that unresolved part of themselves. This behavior can definitely rub people the wrong way. It makes you question this person’s ability to handle adversity and different personalities. Avoidance of the negative is a dangerous attitude to take on. It keeps you naive. If my mind is only geared towards looking for the positive, how am I supposed to know when I’m being abused or taken advantage of? The world needs activists. Another reason for the hate for the overly optimistic is that they are a target of envy. Deep down, some may yearn for the ability to find joy in every circumstance.

If you are a pessimist and these constantly bubbly folks make you nauseous, try to understand where they are coming from. They want to be happy and want the world to be happy. You have to admire that they are putting forth the effort to achieve that in their own way. Instead of hating, realize that you can learn a lot from them. They are expressive. They may have strong social skills, a good sense of humor, and an ability to cheer people up. Appreciate the fact that they are taking action to make the world cheerful. If you’re extremely pessimistic, there’s a chance that you’ve been hurt personally by the pathologically optimistic behavior. You may project the hate onto every sign of optimism you see. It’s possible that you subconsciously pull people down to see what they’re really made of, or you don’t want to give people the pleasure of running from their pain. Let them deal with it on their own terms. Understand that pain is very difficult to handle for most. You also have to assess whether you are seeing the positive aspects of each situation or if you dwell heavily on the negative. Give your mind the permission to direct your view openly. Also, you don’t want to project your assumptions onto everyone who appears to be bubbly. They have much to offer you, and they may truly and genuinely be happy inside and out.

If you have any thoughts, please comment!

Pornstars are Very Brave People

I’m not referring to the pornstars that are stumbling onto the set loaded on pills and booze, and that die of AIDS a week later. Your churches and your parents have already told you about those degenerates. It’s a scare tactic to prevent you from even considering this fascinating profession, let alone recreational sex. Teaching you to view all pornstars as drug-addicted, empty, and lost souls will serve that purpose. This message will creep into your head so effectively, every time you watch porn, you’ll see the people on screen as being sub-human entities. These poor people that are providing a service to you won’t even get your respect, because you are so superior to them. These pornstars intimidate the hell out of you, so you conjure up a way in your mind to put them below you. You hate the fact that they might actually enjoy what they do, so you tell yourself that they must be on drugs. You don’t want to believe that they have intelligence, so you convince yourself that they had to resort to this due to having no brains. You are jealous that they are able to freely have sex with multiple people, so you tell yourself how dangerous and reckless they are. You’re high and mighty self knows you are able to commit to a relationship unlike those lowly pornstars. That helps ease the pain of knowing that if you had the opportunity, you’d go just as wild. You can come up with multiple ways to keep yourself in a repressive, hateful prison. Maybe the world’s not black and white. Pornstars have strengths and weaknesses like every human being does. I am going to list several qualities that are admirable regarding your heroes in the business:

  • They are willing to live with judgment from the intolerant: Could you imagine receiving death threats and hateful messages every day? Also, not many people have the courage to pursue a profession where there is a high chance of being alienated by your friends and family. Few can handle these prospects.
  • They are not self-conscious about their bodies: Yes. I know most pornstars have bodies that you would want to flaunt, but how many people have the balls to be viewed naked by millions of viewers? You have to commend the pornstars that fit certain novelty categories. The obese, the anorexic, and the amputee pornstars deserve medals for putting themselves out there in such a fashion.
  • They are physically fit (most): It could be a healthy diet. It could be exercise. It could be cocaine. At least we know they’re not rotting at a desk for hours each day.
  • They are free of jealousy: Let’s be optimistic. Pornstars are banging other pornstars and neither one is demanding that anyone put rings on any fingers, roofs over heads, home-cooked meals, or hours of attention. The spouses of pornstars are especially a unique breed. Pornstars could either be emotionally closed off or vulnerable during scenes. Could you be emotionally vulnerable and have sex and not want a relationship?? Do you automatically fall for anyone you have sex with? Can you love anybody or is there one person out there meant for you? What a mystery.
  • They are not ashamed of their sexuality: Let’s face it. Most of humanity is terrified of the power of their own sexual energy. It’s uncontrollable. It has a mind of it’s own. It’s difficult to suppress. It goes against everything that you think you believe. In our minds, we turn it into a monster that needs to be locked in a cage. Pornstars, on the other hand, embrace their sexuality. Some might be hypersexual. They are completely free of inhibition, and the attitude is conveyed in their eyes, voice, and movements.
  • They are open-minded: Isn’t it so refreshing that pornstars are willing to do almost anything on camera? Don’t let that stupid voice in your head tell you, “they’re only pretending to like blowjobs because they’re being paid!” You don’t know that for sure. They might be obsessed with that specific act. They might also enjoy having threesomes and foursomes. I find it heartwarming when pornstars of different ethnic backgrounds go at it. I believe all barriers are meant to be broken. Be thankful that these brave souls are willing to explore and push boundaries and are welcoming you to do the same.

Next time you think about criticizing pornstars, think about how this special class of individuals serve millions of people out there. First of all, they play a crucial role in a billion dollar industry that contributes greatly to the economy. They give married men a place to turn to when their wives aren’t in the mood and vice versa. They provide fleeting moments of happiness in one’s time of need. Pornstars provide fresh new ideas for couples who might be in a rut. How else were they supposed to find out they could keep the lights on? Pornstars teach young teenagers what to do when they finally get their chance. Little Bobby will remember to spit in Susie’s mouth at some point during their first time as they fumble through it. The bottom line is that pornstars have something substantial to offer you besides an aid to getting off. If you have the mentality of noticing the good qualities in every person, you’ll quickly see how remarkable these rare individuals can be and incorporate their freeing traits within you.

Will the future make you happy?

Do you ever spend time daydreaming about how amazing your life will be in the future? Do you have dreams of becoming physically fit or financially successful? Are you waiting for the right people to come into your life to make you happy? Do you think that once you move to another part of the country, you will finally be satisfied? Maybe the right job will finally put you in a happy place. You need to ask yourself this important question: Is your mental projection of your glamorous future a way for you to seek escape from your crappy life in the present moment?

Your fantasies of the future are a waste of your time

If we pay close attention, we might be shocked to realize how often we picture ourselves at a time in the future where we are the most perfect people in the most perfect situations. Fantasizing is helpful for mental visualization and hopefulness, but sometimes we take it to extremes. We become hooked on our fantasies, that our minds travel down that avenue more times than necessary. You could easily be using that time to take the steps to work towards that future that you obsessively dream about. The thought of having it all can get in the way of that. You can’t make any progress if you’re spending 24/7 getting lost in Ryan Seacrest repeatedly telling you that America has chosen you.

Here and Now

The popular spiritual concept of the beloved “Here and Now” can be tied in to what this article is about. Your mental projections are getting in the way of taking action in this moment. If you consciously try to stay in the moment, you will notice the momentum that your fantasies have in carrying you away. The fact that you are now aware of it will help the  thoughts subside without you using mental force. You will now know that the fantasies that were dear to you actually keep you stagnant and no longer serve you. You will face the fear of taking action that you have been avoiding with such mental creativity.

Have you ever had a moment where you finally got to a place in the future that you had anxiously been waiting for, and you still felt the same after getting there? You were thinking that once you got to this future point, you would feel differently than you usually do. There was nothing that changed within you, but your external circumstances changed. That should tell you something about the nature of life. Simply attaining a status, an occupation, a relationship, a new city, or money will never be the absolute answer you were looking for. These should be seen as consequences of you living authentically. It’s the actual living that provides the gratification. Understand that two people can have similar life paths externally and experience it differently within. One of these people might have spent it entirely in a world far from reality. What a waste.